Justice for Pamela Turner

On May 13, Pamela Turner was walking through her apartment complex in Texas. Just a few moments later, she was tasered by Baytown Police ofc. Juan Delacruz.

Pamela Turner was unarmed, lying on the ground helplessly, and the officer was out of harm’s way. But Ofc. Delacruz STILL shot at Pamela EIGHT times while she was on her back. He looked Pam in the face and shot, and shot, and shot, and shot, and shot...

And then he claimed that he “feared for his life” because Pamela grabbed the taser, but we now know that the taser that he had was incapable of being fired a second time without first changing the cartridge. He knew he was NOT in danger, and he still used deadly force.

Thankfully, a witness captured her gruesome murder on video, which may be the only reason that you’re hearing about this today.

While outraging and completely devastating, this video is further proof of the rampant police violence and brutality in America.

Pamela Turner’s death is terrifyingly similar to the many cases of police brutality that we’ve seen before. Another Black person shot at unjustifiably while they posed no imminent threat to an officer.

This brutality MUST stop.

There is nothing anyone can say to justify Pam's murder after watching this video!

Pamela Turner’s life MATTERS. Officer Juan Delacruz should be held accountable for her death!

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