Henrietta Lacks Deserves Genetic Justice

In 1951, Henrietta Lacks turned to Johns Hopkins— one of the only hospitals that would treat Black patients — to get treatment for cervical cancer.

Unbeknownst to her, the subsequent discovery from this visit would impact the world.

Henrietta was found to have immortal cells. Most cells would die quickly, but her cells lived and thrived, doubling each day. Since this revelation, her cells — nicknamed HeLa cells due to their origin — have been used for breakthrough medical research and modern medicine, including the recent COVID-19 vaccine.

The cells taken from Henrietta were collected without her knowledge or permission. She soon passed away at age 31 without any idea of the positive impression that her cells would have on the world.

After her passing, Henrietta’s family did not find out about the cell theft until decades later, even though pharmaceutical companies were continually buying, selling, and profiting from HeLa cells.

The shameful exploitation of her immortal cells continues to this day. Many pharmaceutical companies, including Thermo Fisher Scientific, unjustly profited billions off her immortal cells & have yet to compensate Henrietta’s heirs.

Through the unethical use of her cells, companies continue to dehumanize Henrietta’s life and have left her family with no ability to define her legacy, let alone benefit from it themselves.

This genetic injustice can not be tolerated!

They have already stolen a piece of Henrietta Lacks. We can NOT allow them to steal her legacy and her financial impact on her family, as well.

Add your name and demand that this decades-long wrong be righted and that family be compensated properly.

Demand Genetic Justice for Henrietta Lacks

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